Update: Development in the Brendan case

Brendan Dixon
Brendan Dixon

Update from Brendan Dixon’s supporters

The decision on Brendan’s case >

There has been more news of the non-disclosure and it really don’t look good for Strathclyde police with statements hidden, so it looks like back to the privy council about the growing list of Non-disclosure in the case.

Brendan now can get the new evidence and prove Lee Sheville and Toni Wallace lied in court, also Joseph Leiper can be proven to have lied in court they never mentioned the visitors to the house that seen Brendan fixing a car that morning. (There were 6 visitors the police being one for a domestic between the householders, and a midwife among others.

We are still trying to get the phone records for My Daughter’s mobile that the police have and our house incoming and outgoings for that day.

Brendan knew the outcome last week as Brendan knew the outcome last week as a family member (Mrs Irvine’s nephew) who stayed next door and was one of the main suspects was going about telling everyone the PF told him they were not going to be released. Even though he has to go back for ground 7 and 8 that the crown will turn that down. That just leaves ground 6 that he will not be contesting in the decision.

All I will say is the case is far from over and everyone involved will fight till the men’s conviction is quashed or a retrial ordered.

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