Byron Case is Innocent!

Byron Case
Byron Case

compiled from: Free Byron Case
on behalf of family and supporters

On the morning of June 11, 2001, on a quiet suburban Kansas City street, twenty-two-year-old Byron Case was dragged from his bed by a tactical police unit. He did not know it at the time, but he was being arrested for murder. Led to a waiting Sheriff’s car in handcuffs, the only reply he got to his repeated questions was stern silence.

The murder of Byron Case’s friend Anastasia WitbolsFeugen almost four years earlier had never been solved. No evidence had been found at the scene, and basic forensics never determined when she died or what type of gun had been used to shoot her.

For all their interviews and research, documentation shows authorities never even had a suspect. But when an ex-girlfriend of Byron’s claimed to have been an eyewitness to the killing, prosecutors saw their chance to close a case that had long since gone cold.

Under promise of immunity, Byron Case’s ex-girlfriend testified that she had watched him pull a gun and shoot his friend in the face. But she would not describe the alleged murder weapon.

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  1. There are clearly still many questions to be asked in this case.

    There are those who would simply brush Byron’s case under the carpet without a full and proper investigation of ALL the facts….

    Surely, that cannot be right?

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