‘Someone is trying to take my life for someone else’s crime’

Linda Carty
Linda Carty

originally published by: The Guardian
27th June 2010

Linda Carty, a British woman on death row in America, says that her last hope may be an appeal for clemency by David Cameron.

Gatesville is a tiny town miles from anywhere, deep in the heart of Texas, four hours drive north of Houston. There is little to it but a Wal-Mart, a drive-in movie theatre and two enormous prisons. One of the jails looming out of the flat landscape is called Mountain View. But there is no mountain, and from the prison’s death row, there is no view.

This is where, in all probability, Linda Carty, the only British woman on death row in America, is living out her last weeks and months. Carty has been on death row in Texas for the past nine years, accused of murdering a young mother in order to steal her baby. Any day now, without warning, her execution date will be handed down by the authorities, following a decision by the US supreme court last month to reject her final appeal.

Sitting behind bulletproof glass inside one of Mountain View’s characterless concrete buildings last week, she seemed to vacillate between residual hope and growing despair. “Waiting for my execution date to come down just makes me feel like an object. But this is a human being sitting here,” Carty told the Observer, raising her softly Caribbean-lilted voice in exasperation.

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