Linda Carty

Death sentence for convicted Briton in flawed capital trial

published by: Pattaya Daily News
23rd September 2010

Briton Linda Carty, a former primary school teacher and an undercover drug enforcer awaits execution for the death of a young mother in Texas in May 2001 as campaigners argue that she did not receive a fair trial.

Texas, 23rd September 2010: Since the restoration of the death penalty in Texas in 1982, the US state has executed 462 people, three of them women with Linda Carty next in line for the lethal injection in America’s busiest execution chamber.

Further investigations into Carty’s conviction has shown catastrophic flaws with her then defense lawyer failing to call important witnesses and ignoring crucial support from the British government.

The 51 year old grandmother, born in St. Kitts a former British Colony in the Caribbean and migrated to the US with her daughter in the early 80’s was convicted of the kidnap and murder of Joana Rodriguez taken with her four day old son by three men involved in a drugs gang.

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