Proceedings against West Midlands Police: Mikey Powell

all credits: Mikey Powell Campaign
10th April 2011

Long before the criminal trial and the Inquest, Mikey’s mother Claris and other family members issued claims against the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police because of Mikey’s death. Once the Inquest was finished the family served details of their claims on the Chief Constable – this is the next step towards a trial in the High Court. The details are based on the evidence at the Inquest.

The Chief Constable gave his defence on 25 June 2010 – he denies more or less everything.

Undaunted the family are pressing documents they believe they have not yet seen from the Chief Constable. A hearing is due to take place at the High Court in London in May (no date has yet been fixed). This will make orders as to how the claim should proceed.

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