We fight on, vows the 83-yr-old mother again denied justice

originally by: Islington Tribune
published: 21st October 2011

An 83-year-old mother was turned away from the Home Office on Tuesday after travelling from Wales to seek justice for the son who was murdered 25 years ago. 

Isobel Hulsmann vowed that she would “not go away” as she seeks answers from the government as to why no one has been brought to justice over the death of her son, Daniel Morgan, in March 1987.

Her vigil came after Home Secretary Theresa May refused to hold a judicial inquiry into the police corruption that led to the failure to solve Britain’s longest-running murder case.

“We have been denied justice and made to look like idiots,” Mrs Hulsmann said outside the Home Office. “They can’t wait to get us away from here.”

Mrs Hulsmann was supported on Tuesday by her son, Alastair Morgan, who lives in Clerkenwell, and Jennette Arnold, the London Assembly Labour member for Islington.

The Morgan case has been dogged by police corruption and incompetence. All chances of ever bringing the culprits to justice vanished in March this year when a murder trial at the Old Bailey collapsed after a “supergrass” was drop­ped as a witness.

Police were accused of withholding evidence which proved he was a police informant. Police also admitted that, due to “corruption”, evidence had gone missing and that corruption was “a significant factor in this failure to bring to justice those responsible for the murder of Daniel”.

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