MPs finally stand up for Gary McKinnon as extradition law reform motion voted through

Houses of Parliamentoriginally by: Mail Online
published: 6th December 2011

The campaign to change Britain’s unfair extradition laws scored a stunning success at Westminster last night. A motion calling for ‘urgent reform’ to the US/UK treaty which is being used to try to wrestle Asperger’s sufferer Gary McKinnon to America was passed uncontested by MPs. No vote was called when it became clear the motion had overwhelming support after being backed by a string of heavyweight speakers from all parties. 

It is a huge victory for those campaigners who urged Parliament to resist American pressure and ‘stand up for Britain’.

Tory MP Dominic Raab, who led the debate, said it was about defending ‘the price we place on the liberty of our citizens and the value we ascribe to that cornerstone of British justice – innocent until proven guilty.’

He told MPs that Mr McKinnon, who is wanted for hacking U.S military computers while searching for evidence of ‘little green men’, had been treated like a ‘gangland mobster or Al Qaeda operative’.

The motion is not binding on the Government, but sends a clear message to David Cameron that MPs want changes to both the 2003 UK/US treaty and a separate extradition deal with Brussels. It will strengthen his hand in any future talks with the EU and the Americans – who were desperate for the motion not to pass.

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