Second funeral held for Christopher Alder

all credits: BBC News
published: 9th February 2012

The funeral of a man whose body was discovered 11 years after his family thought they had buried him is understood to have been held. Christopher Alder’s body was discovered in a Hull mortuary in November 2011. South Yorkshire Police is investigating the circumstances that led to another body, thought to be that of Grace Kamara, being buried in his grave at the city’s Northern Cemetery.

The body in Mr Alder’s original grave will be exhumed later this month. The mistake was discovered when the body of Ms Kamara was about to be released from the mortuary for burial last year and Mr Alder’s body was found instead.

Ex-paratrooper Christopher Alder, 37, choked to death at Hull’s Queen’s Gardens police station, after his arrest in 1998.

Ten years ago, a coroner’s jury decided Mr Alder was unlawfully killed and misconduct and manslaughter charges were later brought against five Humberside Police officers. They were acquitted of all criminal charges in 2002.

In 2006, an Independent Police Complaints Commission report said four of the officers present in the custody suite when Mr Alder died were guilty of the “most serious neglect of duty”.

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