Friends, family and civil rights leaders remember Rodney King

Rodney Kingoriginally by: 89.3 KPCC
published: 30 June 2012

Family, friends, a host of civil rights leaders and celebrities attended a memorial service for the late Rodney King today, two weeks after he died of an apparent accidental drowning at his home in Rialto. The service, which was held Hall of Liberty on the grounds of Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills. About a third of the hall’s 1,200 seats were full.

Those who knew King best painted a picture of a sometimes troubled but good man caught up in extraordinary circumstances. King catapulted into public consciousness after his videotaped beating at the hands of LA police officers was broadcast worldwide. He became a poster child for police misconduct, but also a catalyst for change inside the LAPD.

His daughter, Laura Dene King, 28, spoke outside the hall, and told reporters that her father was a “gentle giant.”

“He was a great person, great father, great grandfather. Husband, friend, everything, everybody who interacted with him,” he said. “It’s just said that some people don’t know him and judge by what they see in the media. Those of us that knew him, you just have to smile.”

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