Why did police shoot dead an unarmed man 7 years ago?

Azelle Rodney
Azelle Rodney

by: Defend the Right to Protest  
published: 29 August 2012

Police officers have shot dead 41 men and one woman in the past 15 years. Some of the names on that list, Mark Duggan, Jean Charles de Menezes and Mark Saunders, have become household names after the controversies surrounding their deaths were exposed.

Another name on that list, Azelle Rodney, is not engrained into the public consciousness. But, with a public inquiry into his death due to open on Monday, seven years after he was shot at close range six times by an officer known only as E7, it could soon be.

Mr Rodney, a 24-year-old black man, was in the back of a Volkswagen Golf when it was stopped by three police vehicles carrying 14 specialist firearm officers from the Met’s elite C019 armed unit in April 2005.

The car was stopped in High Street in Edgware, north London, and E7 fired eight shots at Mr Rodney through the car with an assault rifle. He was struck in the face, neck, chest and head in front of screaming bystanders at 7.42pm.

Mr Azelle’s daughter was born the day before his funeral.

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