Gary McKinnon wins extradition battle

Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon

originally by: Computerworld
published: 16 October 2012

Gary McKinnon, indicted in 2002 on charges of hacking into U.S. government computers, will not be extradited to the U.S., the U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May said on Tuesday. The risk to McKinnon’s health posed by extradition to the U.S. was simply too great, according to May.

McKinnon has fought a decade-long battle in the U.K. courts to avoid extradition to the U.S., seeking instead to face trial in the U.K. He has Asperger’s syndrome and is at high risk for suicide, according to a statement issued Monday by his attorney Karen Todner.

“After careful consideration of all of the relevant material, I have concluded that Mr. McKinnon’s extradition would give rise to such a high risk of him ending his life that a decision to extradite would be incompatible with Mr. McKinnon’s human rights,” said May.

It will now be for the director of Public Prosecutions to decide whether  McKinnon has a case to answer in a U.K. Court, according to May.

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