Man shot six times by police WAS ‘unlawfully killed’

Azelle Rodney Campaignby: The Voice Online
published: 5 July 2013

An inquiry into the death of a man shot six times by police has concluded that he was unlawfully killed. Azelle Rodney, 24, died after an officer opened fire on a car he was travelling in eight years ago. The car was under surveillance for several hours before unmarked officers stopped it in Edgware, North London, in 2005. Rodney was a passenger in the back seat of the car.

The marksman, known only as E7, told the inquiry he feared the occupants were armed with a sub-machine gun capable of firing more than 1,000 rounds per minute. It was believed the group were on their way to rob a Colombian drugs gang.

But an official report found the police marksman who shot Mr Rodney had no reason to believe he had picked up a weapon – so there was “no lawful justification” for killing him.

In a statement, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said: “The inquiry into the death of Azelle Rodney, who was fatally shot by a Metropolitan Police Firearms Officer in 2005, has today decided that there was no lawful justification for the shooting. This is a significant finding for the Metropolitan Police Service, whose officers strive on a daily basis to keep Londoners safe whilst acting within the law.”

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