Two years after Troy Davis’ execution, our fight to end the death penalty lives

Troy Davis
We are Troy Davis

originally by: The Guardian 
published: 21 September 2013

On 21 September 2011, the state of Georgia killed Troy Anthony Davis as the world looked on, aghast that Georgia was proceeding with the execution, overlooking a mountain of evidence that pointed towards Troy’s innocence.

While much of the world has moved on, we are still in the fight to end capital punishment. Those of us who loved Troy see this two-year anniversary as more than an opportunity to mourn the death of a good man. We see this day as a chance to reflect on what Troy posthumously achieved and the charge we must all take up in his name to end the immoral practice of the death penalty.

Though he never wanted to be a martyr, Troy wanted to make certain that his execution would fuel a movement to end capital punishment in this country and around the world.

Among Troy’s final words, he asked his family and friends “to continue to fight this fight” to abolish a system that is wrongfully and unjustly applied.

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