Coroner rules that young father died of ‘natural causes’

Jonathan Maliaoriginally by: Voice Online 
published: 21 October 2013

Relatives of a ‘healthy’ 24-year-old Birmingham man who died in hospital have been left ‘devastated and frustrated’ by the verdict of an inquest into his death. They have now resorted to lodging formal complaints to the General Medical Council and the Ministry of Justice.

Jonathan Malia died in Lister District General Hospital in Stevenage on January 17 this year after being transferred from the nearby Cygnet Hospital, a mental health unit, where he had been staying for nearly two weeks.

A coroner at Hatfield Coroner’s Court ruled that Malia died of natural causes on October 9, claiming he had a thrombosis, which triggered a pulmonary embolism.

But the family contends that the concerns they raised about the possibility of Jonathan being restrained while injected with drugs have been swept aside.

And they were also horrified to learn that valuable samples taken from Jonathan’s body for analysis following a post-mortem examination were left to deteriorate in a fridge for three weeks before being discarded.

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