On the 4th anniversary of Aiyana Jones killing by Detroit police; grief in store for family

Aiyana Stanley-Jones
Aiyana Stanley-Jones

source: Voice of Detroit 
published: 13 May 2014

As the fourth anniversary of the brutal slaying of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, 7, by the Detroit police approaches May 16, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy may be planning to bring yet more unfathomable grief to her family.

An inside source has reported that perjury charges against Aiyana’s family members who testified during hearings related to the case are imminent.

Aiyana’s father Charles Jones was sentenced April 18 to 40-60 years in the killing of Je’Rean Blake, 17, for allegedly giving the shooter the gun involved. Contradictorily, he was acquitted of any weapons charges. He said during his sentencing that he was innocent.

“All you’re doing is trying to cover up my daughter’s death because of a reckless officer,” Jones said. “I hope you go after him like you did after me.” He said police have been harassing his entire family since his daughter’s killing.

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