Lessons learned from Pat Finucane murder, says David Cameron

Pat Finucane
Pat Finucane

source: The Guardian
published: 16 January 2015

MI5, police and military intelligence’s use of informers has been transformed due to lessons learned from the Pat Finucane murder scandal, David Cameron has said.

The prime minister outlined to parliament how the government had responded to the findings of a damning report two years ago on the loyalist killing in 1989.

The government-backed review by Sir Desmond de Silva found that a number of state employees “furthered and facilitated” the Ulster Defence Association’s targeting of the Belfast solicitor, and there were efforts within the security forces to thwart the criminal investigation into the murder.

Up to 29 members of the Belfast UDA unit responsible for the killing were working for one or more branches of the security forces in Northern Ireland at the time.

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