Habib Ullah officer ‘had had no training in searching suspects’ mouths’

Habib Ullah
Habib Ullah

source: Bucks Free Press
published: 6 February 2015

A police officer involved in the restraint of a man who died in police custody told an inquest he had received no training in how to search for an item concealed in someone’s mouth.

DC Richard Bazeley was one of a number of Thames Valley Police officers who restrained Habib Ullah during a stop and search in High Wycombe, during which a packet of drugs became lodged in Mr Ullah’s throat.

During the restraint Mr Ullah was repeatedly slapped on the back to get him to cough up the packet, before another officer tried to prise his mouth open, the inquest heard on Tuesday.

Mr Ullah, 39, then ‘went limp’ during the search, which happened in Sharrow Vale, High Wycombe, on July 3, 2008. He died later the same day.

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