Richard Walton dodges Stephen Lawrence spying probe by retiring

Stephen Lawrence
Stephen Lawrence

source: Dailey Mail
published: 12 January 2016

A police chief accused of covering up the Stephen Lawrence spying scandal is dodging disciplinary action by retiring.

The official watchdog concluded this week that Richard Walton, who heads Scotland Yard’s anti-terror unit, has a case to answer for misconduct.

It is alleged he was involved in a secret plot by a disgraced undercover unit to gather intelligence on the family of murdered Stephen in the late 1990s.

The unit’s reports included confidential details, including that the teenager’s parents, Doreen and Neville, had separated.

But Commander Walton intends to quit on Wednesday and cannot face sanction unless Scotland Yard makes him stay on. He is on £110,000 a year and will be eligible for a lump sum pension payout of around £300,000 and index-linked income of £55,000 a year.

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