Cops used out of date profile of Anthony Grainger, inquiry hears

Anthony Grainger
Anthony Grainger

source: Socialist Worker
updated: 17 February 2017

A police officer who built a profile of Anthony Grainger did not intend firearms officers to use it, a public inquiry has heard.

Anthony was shot dead by a firearms officer after police moved to arrest three men in a stolen Audi in Culceth, Cheshire, on 3 March 2012. It was part of “Operation Shire”, which Greater Manchester Police (GMP) had launched the previous year to investigate the group for suspected armed robberies.

DC Rachel Griffiths had produced a “pen profile”, an informal character description used by police, on Anthony that was used for Operation Shire.

But the inquiry heard that it was designed for a different operation, Operation Samana. DC Griffiths said, “It was a separate operation that happened months before [Operation] Shire, but that is what I was asked to produce this profile for.”

DC Griffiths said that the purpose of the profile was “an intelligence overview for Operation Samana on Anthony Grainger and Colin Waters. I would expect a bespoke one for firearms.”

The inquiry heard of a series of mistakes associated with these pen profiles. Jason Beer QC, the lead counsel for the inquiry, said that there was “no training, no policy, no quality assurance” for making them.

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