Manus Island detention centre closing down with refugees still inside

Barbed Wire Prison

source: The Guardian
published: 5 July 2017

The Manus Island detention centre is being shut down around refugees and asylum seekers while they are still living in it.

Refugees inside the centre reported on Wednesday that immigration officials have said they will cut the power from the Charlie compound on Friday, forcing out refugees still living there.

The entire Manus camp is being progressively shut down, with the Australian and Papua New Guinea governments insisting it will be closed and emptied by 31 October.

The gym has been closed, generators removed, the canteen de-stocked and English classes and other activities discontinued, while buildings are being progressively shut down and cordoned off.

Iranian refugee Behrouz Boochani said conditions inside the Manus Island detention centre were becoming steadily more oppressive in an effort to coerce men to accept a move to the Australian-built East Lorengau Refugee Transit Centre (ELRTC) on the outskirts of the Manus province’s main town, Lorengau.

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