Grenfell firefighter: MPs should be dragged to look at tower’s shell

Fire Burning Building in Wallsource: The Guardian
published: 21 October 2017

MPs should be “dragged” from parliament to see Grenfell Tower’s shell as a reminder of how their decisions caused the disaster, a firefighter has said.

Lucy Masoud, who worked on the recovery operation after the fire that killed around 80 people, blamed the tragedy on government austerity measures and a contempt for social housing tenants.

Speaking at the Stand Up To Racism national conference, the Chelsea-based firefighter said her colleagues would never get over their experiences on the night of 14 June.

A panel of speakers, including the shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, and the Grenfell survivor Bellal El Guenuni, joined her to discuss how the disaster reflected institutional racism and social cleansing.

Masoud told a packed room at Friends House in central London: “What we do know and what we believe is austerity caused that fire.

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