Janet, sister of Christopher Alder - Image credit Wasi Daniju

Officers accused of spying on sister of man who died in custody cleared

Janet, sister of Christopher Alder
Image credit Wasi Daniju : www.wasidaniju.com

source: The Guardian
published: 1 March 2018

Two police officers accused of spying on the sister of a former paratrooper who was unlawfully killed in police custody have been cleared by a disciplinary panel.

The two officers, who were given anonymity, had been accused of running an unauthorised and intrusive surveillance operation against Janet Alder during an inquest into the death of her brother Christopher.

The pair were alleged to have followed Alder and her barrister Leslie Thomas “without appropriate authorisation and justification” to a hotel and car park and attempted to listen in to their private and legally protected conversations.

On Thursday, a disciplinary panel dismissed the gross misconduct charges against the two officers on the fourth day of the hearing, ruling that they had no case to answer.

Alder criticised the verdict, saying it was “an insulting cover-up” and the police were “hiding the truth of what happened”.

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