‘It took 400 years to get to this point and will take a long time to make things right’

Blind justice lawsource: Cleveland19 News
published: 6 February 2020

“When those folks are on the sidelines when black and brown bodies are being killed in our midst, it leaves a community feeling devalued, like they don’t matter,” said licensed social worker, Habeebah Rasheed Grimes.

It’s February, Black history month and 19 News has brought you a series of special reports, on-air and online, examining complementary life and the connection to slavery.

We now focus on unresolved trauma in the black community and the relation to the vestiges of slavery. “The experience of trauma and adversity is not new to the human being, the human race. The world is a fairly hostile environment if you think about the conditions in which we survived,” Rasheed Grimes.

Some would say the news headlines in Cleveland, Ohio are notorious. And there’s no question that they’re disturbing and for many, traumatic.

Experts say many in the black community are suffering from undiagnosed symptoms including PTSD, toxic stress, environmental racism and unresolved trauma.

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