Anthony Grainger killing: ‘words will never be enough to save lives’

Anthony Grainger
Anthony Grainger

source: Socialist Worker
published: 20 May 2020

The government claims that lessons have been learned almost a year after an inquiry said police were to blame for the killing of Anthony Grainger. But the police responsible are still not facing trial.

A government response said “good progress” was being made on the recommendations of a public inquiry into Anthony’s death that ended in July last year.

The inquiry found that incompetent and misleading senior police were entirely to blame for the killing of Anthony by armed cops in 2012.

Anthony was behind the wheel of a car in Cheshire when a Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officer, referred to in court as Q9, fired a submachine gun and killed him.

Q9 told the court from behind a screen in 2017 that he believed Anthony had reached down as if to grab a firearm.

But no firearms were found on Anthony or in the vehicle in March 2012. The inquiry found Anthony was probably reaching for the door handle to get out of the car.

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