Murder in the Car Park viewers want justice for Daniel Morgan’s family

Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan

source: Metro News
published: 29 June 2020

Murder in the Car Park viewers want justice for Daniel Morgan after his brutal death remains unsolved. Daniel was killed in 1987 in an axe attack in a south London pub car park, just three years after he had set up his own detective agency. There were no witnesses to his death.

Channel 4’s three-part docuseries tells the story of Morgan’s murder which, despite five criminal investigations and costing £30mil, still remains unexplained 33 years later.

Based on thousands of pages of documents, court testimony and often contradictory interviews, ‘Murder In The Car Park’ uses dramatic reconstruction, archive footage, and detailed interviews from many of the key people involved.

The third part of the documentary attempted to bring together the evidence that led to Daniel’s murder, although unfortunately his death still remains unsolved today.

Speaking at the end of the docuseries, Daniel’s brother Alastair is still striving to get justice for his sibling’s murder. ‘I want justice for my brother and I won’t rest until I get it,’ he said. ‘I think that the people who were arrested in 2008, were the people who committed this crime. I think they are guilty of my brother’s murder.’

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