Lawsuit alleges foster agency failed to prevent abuse, death of toddler

all credits: FortWorth Star-Telegram
published: 15 April 2021

A lawsuit was filed this week against a Fort Worth foster care organization and its employees, accusing them of failing to follow proper requirements in the care of a 3-year-old who died last year.

The parents of Amari Boone, represented by The Button Law Firm, filed the lawsuit Monday in Dallas against ACH Child and Family Services in Fort Worth. Rodney Boone and Ariana George believe the foster care agency failed to keep their son safe from abuse by his foster parents, according to the lawsuit. Amari died April 12, 2020, after his third emergency visit to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

ACH Child and Family Services said in an emailed statement Thursday, “We remain heartbroken over last year’s tragic loss of Amari Boone, and our deepest sympathies are with his family and friends. We are working closely with authorities involved in this case. Because it is a legal matter, we are unable to provide any further comment.”

Russell Button of Dallas, an attorney representing Amari Boone’s family, said on Thursday that Amari would still be alive if the organization had listened to multiple reports of abuse.

“This suit can summed up into one word: heartbreaking,” Button said in a Thursday email. “It is simply heartbreaking to see what happened to Amari while under the supervision of ACH Child and Family Services and its employees. We want to prevent other children entrusted in the Texas foster care system from experiencing the horrific abuse, negligence, and tragic fate of Amari.”

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