Death Row Briton Linda Carty talks about her controversial conviction

Linda Cartyoriginally published by: The Daily Mail
4th April 2010

Since losing what may well be her last appeal in September, Linda Carty has had to deal with a lot of unsettling comments.

“They’ve come both from other inmates and guard’s; she says. “I hear them asking, “How come she’s still here? How come she hasn’t been executed?” All I can do is ignore it.

“Since the appeal, they’ve moved me to a cell that feels like it’s 115 degrees inside. My nose bleeds every day – sometimes I get through four T-shirts. The doctor said the reason is the heat.”

Carty, 51, who spoke last week to The Mail on Sunday in an extraordinary prison interview, is the only British citizen on death row in Texas, and if her pending last-ditch petition to the US Supreme Court fails, she could be dead within weeks.

In 2002, she was convicted of ordering the kidnap and murder of Joana Rodriguez, 25, whose body was found in the boot of a car Carty had been leasing.

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