Stephen Lawrence murder: Dobson and Norris found guilty

originally by: BBC News
published: 3rd January 2012

Two men have been convicted of the racist murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, 18 years after he was stabbed to death near a south London bus stop. Gary Dobson and David Norris were found guilty by an Old Bailey jury after a trial based on forensic evidence. Scientists found a tiny blood stain on Dobson’s jacket that could only have come from Mr Lawrence. As he was led away, Dobson told the jury they had condemned an “innocent man”. Sentencing will be on Wednesday.

In an exclusive interview with the BBC’s Panorama, Stephen’s mother Doreen said: “I don’t forgive the boys who killed Stephen. They don’t think they have done anything wrong. They took away Stephen’s life and there is nothing in their behaviour or anything to show they they regret what their actions have done and the pain it has caused us as a family.”

In a statement read by his lawyer outside the Old Bailey, Stephen’s father Lawrence said that the convictions were a moment of joy and relief – but he could not rest until all of those who killed his son were brought to justice. He described the investigation and preparation of the case as “faultless”.

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